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So, while attending the Dutch Game Garden’s Incubator’s program, we worked towards this moment. The moment where everything (and everyone) comes together to showcase what they’re doing.

Previous years there was GDC before Gamescom started, but since the GDC had withdrawn their activities, Gamescom introduced Devcom.

This event predates the main event by two days, with an overlap towards Gamescom’s grand opening to the public.


There are several tickets, depending on what you’re planning to do. I’d bought a Business ticket for €499,- which gave me access to the a number of things. See the list next to this item.

At the moment of buying the ticket, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But after experiencing everything for the first time I can tell you, the main difference between this ticket and two separate tickets (Respawn & Gamescom) which is around €100, are the Devcom Keynotes and Summits.

In my case, those were talks from Tim Sweeney (Epic), Richard Garriott (Ultima) and Daniel Vávra (Kingdom Come), which provided my with some good business and creative insights (read below). Although it was worth it for me personally, please consider this when buying a ticket.

  1. RESPAWN section
  2. Devcom Expo floor
  3. Devcom Developers Night
  4. Devcom Developer Conferences
  5. Devcom Developer Lounge (free food and drinks!)
  6. Devcom Summits, Tutorials and Master classes
  7. Full access to Meet to match tool
  8. Gamescom Trade Visitor 3-day Pass
  9. Gamescom Public Keynotes

Helpful Extra’s


When applying for Devcom, you’ll get added to a Scheduler where you can depict certain keynotes or lectures, and you’ll get access to the MeetToMatch tool created by Fedor van Herpen.

At first you’ll underestimate how helpful this is. But if you’re planning to go, just try it out long before the event starts and set up a couple of meetings. Finally add everything to your personal agenda.

When you get there, my advise would be doing a little research at the beginning of each day, just to prepare for the people you’ll meet and be sure to bring along a shitload of business cards!


So beside all the talking with others, you can attend lectures where you’ll only have to listen to others.
Since there is a lot going on at the same time, it’s pretty daunting at first, but once you’ve looked through the schedule of each day, you’ll at least have some peace of mind each day – which you’ll need!

Since the Respawn speakers start at the same time, you’ll have to use a remote headset through which you can tune in on every speaker that is currently talking in that room.

I attended several speakers, such as

  • UX meets Neuroscience – Ivana Randelshofer
  • Game Design Drawings – Henrike Lode
  • Getting Ahead: Advice on Games Industry Careers
  • What Are Investors Looking for? – Christian Fonnesbech
  • Sexual Abuse, How a Game helped Victims – Menno van Pelt-Deen


This year the Indie Game Expo was in the same room as the Respawn keynotes. In total there were 28 indie developers showcasing their product to other developers and publishers. To name a few, this year there was..

The facts

  1. On an average, 200 people will attend your booth if you choose to showcase here
  2. It’ll cost you €100 for two days.
  3. A showcase like this creates an opportunity to meet that publisher you’re looking for!
  4. For this showcase alone there were 80 submissions from which only 28 got picked.

Please note that you’ll have to apply your game at forehand.

After Party’s

When the day comes to an end, which is usually around four or five o’clock, party’s arise from out nearly every booth! These are the moments you’ll meet a lot of people. Since this moment means leisure time for everyone people are really open and accessible, therefore it’s much easier to create long lasting relations or even close friendships!

During these parties you’ll hook up with others, grab free drinks and food and around seven or eight o’clock most start talking about where to go to next. Some already have some other parties planned, others are looking for invitations.

Here’s a list of the parties I attended.

  1. Remedy Entertainment Cocktail Reception
  2. Austria Booth
  3. Belgium Drinks
  4. Dutch Drinks

Eventually this’ll always end up with you going to some party on a different location. These parties are hosted by the Devcom itself and bigger publishers, such as;

  1. Devcom official Meet & Greet
  2. Devcom Developer Night by InnoGames
  3. PocketGaming
  4. Unity Beachparty
  5. Unreal Mixer
  6. Nordic Games

Nordic Games, one that is known for many years now, had a “Marioke” stage. Here you can sing along with every famous top chart song there is. But then they’ve changed the lyrics with gaming references, which is pretty funny!

Lights out

Of course you’ll be on your feet from the moment you woke up this morning, untill the very moment you’ll see your bed again. Not something any veteran Game Developer is known for. So depending on your energy you’ll leave these parties around twelve to three o’clock, where some even go to the pub or disco afterwards.
The next morning you’ll (of course) have to present yourself again with no visible sign of a hangover at all.
And, of course you’ll be doing this for the whole week..